Efe Oraka is one super talented, beautiful minded artist whose music is one you need to add to your playlist. Efe took social media by storm in 2017 when she did a mash-up of 21 Jon Bellion songs in one minute everyone who saw that video sure became a fan instantly, it was so good even Jon Bellion had to reply to the video.

According to her, she started to sing at the age of 3 didn’t start to write her own songs until she was 9 she started playing the guitar at 11 and dropped her debut album when she was 12. Obviously, music has always been part of her.
On the 30th of November 2016, Efe released Gbe Mi a very passionate and soul touching masterpiece you could almost feel the same way she probably felt when she wrote it, and there is no better place to channel good music than from the heart.


Then she blew our minds again we which she clearly loves doing, This song is filled with ethereal harmonies and melodies, the lyrical content is amazing, played this song for a friend and he said he had the same sweet feeling he had when he listened A THOUSAND YEARS BY Christina Perri.


On the 17th day of November 2017, Efe releasedWonderland and I must say this song made me a stan if I have never heard her song or heard her sing I could almost argue she wasn’t Nigerian because its so far from the never-ending commercial wave we are used to hearing, down from the intro to the lyrical content, mixing and final production almost seems perfect . Hearing the track alone I really wished I was there during the creative process because those kinds of vibes are very hard to come by this days.


If you have always wanted to increase your imaginative reason or amplify your mind’s eye then you need to listen to Wonderland. if I have I had a superpower whilst listen to Wonderland just picture superman with the iPods on, trust me Efe can sing.



Listen to the ripples and feel the wave

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