Juice (Remix) Song Review

Juice (Remix) Song Review

I must tell you the truth, I had a surge of different emotions when I heard that Ycee made a song with Joyner. I mean, who wouldn’t? Joyner is known for his first-rate lyrical ability, storytelling, and visuals and you cant dispute the fact that he is one of the biggest names in the Hip-pop world right now after the provocative music video I’m Not Racist he released December 2017.



At first, I was excited and hopeful, but then ultimately disappointed. I was excited because it’d been so long since Ycee gave us an actual rap song and I was hoping that his first international big break would be a rap song to remember for a long time. I mean, I don’t know anybody who doesn’t love Ycee when he raps. Remember I WISH?


Sadly, I was disappointed as it was just not a rap song or even a new song, but a remix of a long-forgotten song. I mean, come on! I’d admit that it was a good song, as I myself have given it a couple plays, but the fact still remains that we were expecting something new. A bit of the old rapper  Ycee and not the new singer Ycee, seeing as it was a rap heavyweight he featured.


I don’t know why or how this happened, but I’ve got a little theory about it.


Now, I did hear that Snoop Dogg posted a video of himself on his social media page vibing to the original Juice track. Do you think that was the reason Ycee decided to do a remix of the song? Because he thought it would sell more on the international market?


Mull this theory over in your mind and let’s know what you think in the comment section.



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