Interview with Ditweni

Interview with Ditweni

We got the chance to interview the multi-talented Ditweni and this is how it went !!!!

1. Who is Ditweni?

“Ditweni is an artist/producer and part-time Photographer, graduated from OOU, and just a dude that likes doing what he does artistically”
2. What inspired your stage name?
“My name is Dozie Orlando Oparaugo, therefore my initials would be D.O.O, which can be D2O, that looks like D Twenty….. Therefore Ditweni”
3. What is the worst thing or most negative comment you have gotten about your art?
“The only one I can easily remember is a girl telling me that I was wasting my time with music and something like I would never be on tv”
4. How did you discover yourself?
“Wooow, I can say that the means by which I discovered myself in music was as a result of my neighbor/brother from another mother Ugo Uvietesivwi, he was the one that gave me the software for making beats just as something to play with. I didn’t really make anything of it at the time but then I started to grow and grow and realised I loved doing what I was doing”
5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
“By the mercy of the almighty God, I pray to no longer be referred to as an upcoming artist, with my songs being international. And remain as humble as possible”
6. Who would you love to work within the music world right now both locally and internationally?
“I won’t lie I don’t have a specific person I would like to work with we have a lot of good artists in Nigeria and I would simply love to work with as much as I can work with.
It’s the same thing on the international level, there are so many talented artist out there and I don’t have a specific one that would be a dream to work with, it would be a dream to work with anybody that is talented and we make good music”
7. Are you an independent artist or signed to any record label?
“At the moment I’m an independent artist”
8 a. if you are independent what is the challenges you face 
   b. if signed what record label is it
“As an independent artist, the major problem I face sometimes could be the financial backing for some projects that I would love to undertake”
9. Who is your GOAT(greatest of all time )music wise?
“The thing about me is I do not place anybody as the best, because there are a lot of great artist out there some are not just popular. I am simply a fan of good music from wherever it comes from”
10. What do you think of the Nigerian music industry now?
“I am happy about the Nigerian music industry, we weren’t open to things like streaming a couple years ago but that’s made available now. Another thing I must say is the quality of our music videos is way better than before, and the quality of our songs, way better also”
11.  We noticed you sing, rap, produce, photography and a little Cinematography too how did these talents come to manifest? i am sure the countries economy had a little part to play in this lol?
“The truth be told what I actually love genuinely is music and then photography, I went into video editing because I was basically experimenting with what I could do with it. But then I started making videos for myself because I didn’t exactly have somebody around to do that for me. So I picked up some tutorials and learnt some things about how to shoot and edit to make my videos better”
There you have it guys an insight into the world of Ditweni make sure to check back for amazing interviews. listen to his released tracks below


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