Who is Odunsi (The Engine)?

Odunsi, The Engine (born Bowofoluwa Odunsi) is a 20-year-old Nigerian singer and producer. He started his career in 2016 with his debut EP, “TIME OF OUR LIVES” (TOOL) which was produced and mastered by him. The EP served to mark him as one talented act to watch out for. It was a mix of different genres, from R&B to Reggae to Soul Fusion. He blended them all into a genre he calls AFRO FUSION (I think it has a nice ring to it).

The EP featured other talented Nigerian artistes like Dami Oniru, Black Magic and Ghanaian artiste, Okuntakinte.

In April 2017, he released a 12 minute joint EP with fellow Nigerian singer, Nonso Amadi. The EP titled “WAR” was an essentially love-themed 4-track EP. The EP mainly dwelled on love, relationships and everything else that arises from a man having an interest in a woman.

We all know how amazing both Nonso Amadi and Odunsi are when it comes to their soul melting lyrics and knee bending vocals. They were nothing short of perfection on the EP and did it the utmost justice. It was recently featured here as one of the best joint EPs to come out of Nigeria, click here to read.

A month later the British-Ghanaian DJ and producer JULS also couldn’t ignore what an amazing talent Odunsi is. Odunsi got featured on two tracks in his solo album titled “LEAP OF FAITH”.


In June 2017, Odunsi joined SDC (ShowDemCamp) on the groovy and game-changing 5-track EP titled “Palm Wine Music Vol 1“. They recently posted on Instagram that we should expect Vol 2. 

We here at TPM are keeping our fingers crossed.🤞🏾

We can conclude that 2017 was one productive year for the artist, but it didn’t stop there. Earlier this year, he was featured on two tracks on the very much anticipated playlist by MI titled RENDEZVOUS”.

Odunsi has been dropping quite a number of really successful singles while we await a new project from him. A few of my personal favorites are Desire (Featuring Funbi & Tay Iwar), Situationship (Featuring AYLØ) and Last Night (Featuring Joyce Olong).




Here’s an Odunsi playlist because we love Odunsi. Listen and tell us what you think in the comment section.

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