Going back to 1997 with Tayiwar

Going back to 1997 with Tayiwar

Who else is as psyched as I am ????!!!!!


T A Y I W A R _ #theprymemusic

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Two years after Tayiwar gave us a taste of the emotion-filled 8 tracked Ep, making you want to shout Rnb had never sounded so good!! He titled RENASCENTIA meaning rebirth

He gave it this title due to the poor performance of his previous project titled PASSPORT which featured tracks like The box which was featured on MI’s illegal music mixtape and some other tracks but still didn’t hit the spot and didn’t get the recognition he wanted in the Nigerian music scene.


4/20 #Passport tomorrow! 😊

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Man! Tayiwar was truly born again as he took us on a journey of how he filled the hollow space in his soul with love and pleasures of sex and what’s a good Rnb track without lovemaking yeah ?πŸ˜†. That was just even a tip of the iceberg,Tayiwar is back!! with his debut album titled 1997 under universal music Nigeria.

Tayiwar had only just dropped three tracks off the album, he opened up with “SPACE” featuring Santi and Preye then went on to “SUGARDADDY” featuring Odunsi(the engine) when this two come together it’s always a nuclear reaction and then “MIRACLE GIRL



Don’t go too far as there would be a full album review when the other tracks are released. These Abuja Artistes are not here to play!!

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