Interview with Oxlade

Interview with Oxlade

We got the chance to interview the talented OXLADE the mastermind behind the hook from the track mamiwota stuck in the mind of everyone who has listened to the Bad Boy Blaq album and this was how it went down

1. Who is Oxlade?

Oxlade is a full time afro pop artist based in Lagos.

2. How did you come up with the name Oxlade?

My grandpa worked with the British embassy  ,he lost a British colleague and named me after him I started to like the name when I started my junior secondary education

3. How long have you been doing music?

Professionally last two years

4. How would you describe your type of music or would I say sound?

Afro pop/soul, it’s basically a flexible genre

5. Tell us how the collaboration between you and BlaqBonez came to be?

It all started with Alpha , Alpha is like a big bro to me he has always supported me so he put me on his album then Blaq happened to be on the same track SOUR,It was so mad that Blaq just had to DM me i was star struck lowkey because I have been a fan of his works for years I mean who doesn’t know BlaqBonez so we had a nice chat and exchanged numbers ,Alpha does samplings so I had to beg alpha for a particular beat he trusted me with it then Alpha told me Blaq was mad over the song and wanted to be on it too.Bad boy blaq gave the song the right platform

6. As a full-time artist, what are the challenges you face?

The unserious youth wasting his life away tag and minimum support in all areas .

7. Are you signed to any record label?

Management deal with GRAMFAM

8. Who are your music influence?

Wandecole , Moelogo , Dml

9. Which artists would you love to work with both at home and abroad?

Wandecole, Angel , Tayiwar ,Moelogo , Dml

10. What do you think of the Nigerian music industry now?

I think it’s high time the youngings with good vibes take over

11. Do you mean it’s a bad vibe Out there now?

I feel they are too relaxed , The Afro pop A Lister’s need competition


There you have it guys, you can listen to some of Oxlade tracks below make sure to check back for more interviews

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