Which stars would burn out,which stars would shine on

Which stars would burn out,which stars would shine on

What makes a song evergreen?

“I think the core of what makes a song evergreen is its ability to tap into (and give form to) something universal and timeless. This could be a feeling, a story, a message, a mood, an idea – something that resonates, generation after generation, that doesn’t date, is not specific to an audience and reflects something universally relatable.”

The early to mid 1970’s birthed stars like  Fela KutiEbenezer Obey, and King Sunny Adé , we can say without a doubt that these were the big names in Nigerian music during that period a till date is still played in Nigerian households and functions.

We can’t go on to evaluate the stars that would burn out and which stars would shine on, without making mention to the artists that helped shaped and put Nigerian music on the map artists like the Trybesmen with the hit track ”Trybal Marks”, the trio the Remedies ,Plantation Boiz, Edris Abdulkareem,Ruggedman and record labels like Trybe Records founded by Eldee and Kennis music by Kenny Ogungbe. This then brings us to the question WHERE ARE THEY?

The lifespan of music dominance in the Nigerian music scene is five years, only a few get to win the fight with this unending curse if there is one artist that has been able to keep his star shining and managed to stay relevant, respected and adored amongst his peers its Tuface. But who else besides him can manage to keep the level of relevance and respect he has today? *cricket chirps*.The two artists we can agree have the potential to attain this level are Wizkid and Davido, but that shouldn’t be the case if and only if Nigerian music lovers can cultivate the habit of documentation.

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Stars of the past always stay in the past, we have no museum for Nigerian music.No place for the music lover to come together and tap into the history of the Nigerian music and this as run deep into the bones of the music lovers that we don’t care about the past ”We are in the present, enjoying what is in front of us. We don’t look back” making it hard for stars to continue to shine.

And it doesn’t look like this issue would be solved anytime soon, so I would drop this little advice and you can leave your thoughts about this  in the comment section.

“Dear young artist, save your money, so it can save you. As time blesses you, it curses you and your career with age and death. And what is dead, will never sell.” – Joey Akan

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