Interview with Mizzle


Interview with Mizzle

It’s our first interview of the year, and we got to interview the talented artist & music producer, Mizzle.






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1. Who is Mizzle?
I’m an Afro-pop/Afro-fusion singer and producer, born in Lagos, and out to push the boundaries of African music, worldwide.

2. Do you hail from Lagos, too?
No, I don’t, I’m from Ondo state

3. How did you start your journey into music?
I discovered I was in love with music in secondary school. It started as just something I had fun with. I kept doing it for years in a boy group I started with my close friends, and I saw people responded very well to it, so with a little encouragement from friends and family I got into it seriously after graduating university.

4. What was the group called? And who were its members?
Kryptic Kidz; Akinsuile Kehinde, Kolajo Adefiola and Myself.

5. For how long have you been making music as a solo artist now?
Two years now

6. Where does the name ‘Mizzle’ come from?
It was a nickname I had in secondary school. My middle name is Michael, so I just thought Mizzle would be a cool nickname. And once I started using it, it stuck.

7. What is Mizzle’s full name?
Temitayo Michael Anifowoshe

8. Do you collaborate with others? What is the process?
Yes, I do. There’s no one way, but in any way, ideas are bounced back and forth until something solid sticks.

9. Who are you inspired by?
Wow.A lot of people, A lot. Even people outside the world of music, But musically I would say, Justin Bieber, Drake, wizkid, macego, sarzandwande coal.

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10. Where does your music come from? What drives it?
It all comes from my mind.I’ve always had dreams of being a globally recognized artist and I’m just happy I have an opportunity to see those dreams come through now

11. As an up and coming act in Nigeria, what challenges would you say you face?
I really love making music, The process of making something that would eventually become a part of people’s day to day lives,There’s no downside to that

12. Are you signed to any record label?

No, I’m not

13. Can you tell us how your contribution to Sarz‘ new project, ‘S. I. N. Y. M’, came to be?
We basically set out the time to make the project as he said.He did the bulk of everything and being a sound producer fortunate enough to be present, I contributed to the project as well

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14. Should we be expecting new music from Mizzle anytime soon?
Yesss got a new single coming out in a couple weeks. And I’m producing major songs this year so keep an eye out


Yes! We would definitely be on the lookout.


A little insight into the world of Mizzle, be sure to check his music out.

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